Wahl 18 Pc. Deluxe Self Cut Haircutting Kit WAH 79231

Wahl 18 Pc. Deluxe Self Cut Haircutting Kit WAH 79231

Years ago I got tired of going to the barbershop. I wanted to be able to get my hair cut when I wanted it done – not on someone else’s schedule. So I purchased the Wahl Pro 8545 5 Star Senior Hair Clipper Set – which is a corded model. That purchase took place July 18, 2007. After many years of fighting with the cord I was more than ready to go cordless.

So earlier this month I purchased the Wahl product shown above. One big difference between now and then is price. I’m not sure if that is because newer models are all being Made In China or have just become cheaper to manufacture.

The hair cutting experience was night and day between corded and cordless models. With better control I was able to do a much better job cleaning up the few missed hairs. This gives a much more uniform cut. With the corded model I always had to fight the cord to get a good angle. The rotating head on the cordless model improves usability in regards to cutting behind the ears and gives you proper cutting angles.

If you are wanting a down to the skin cut – you won’t get this with the cordless WAH 79231. This unit has a fixed blade so you can’t adjust it any lower for that close of a cut. In a way this is a safety feature. It was easy to get down to the skin with the Wahl Pro 8545. But you also had to be very careful not to cut your skin. The cordless model felt a little safer in this regard. Which is a plus for the home user.

The WAH 79231 after a bit of use does feel warm to the touch. During use the Pro 8545 had about the same amount of warmth. I could see where some users might become concerned by this. The 79231 feels like it weighs less than the Pro 8545. A definite plus in regards to usability.

Unfortunately the Wahl Store doesn’t offer details in regards to the battery type of the cordless model. From what I can see they aren’t offering any of their new lithium battery models on that site. The Wahl WAH 79231 uses a NiCad nickel–cadmium battery. This is an older battery chemistry – lithium normally last longer and offers better performance. For indoor use this should be less of a concern compared to when used in power tools, lawn mowers or electric cars. After only a 12 hour first charge the WAH 79231 had plenty of power to complete my hair cut. The unit still has power leftover – I’d bet I could get at least one more use out of it currently.

I prefer the soft storage case with the cordless model versus the hard case the corded comes with. However the tip of one of the pulleys has already broken off. The included mirror which is rather useless also will not stay in it’s slot. Every time you open the case the handheld mirror falls out.

The Wahl WAH 79231 can be used with it’s cord. Although the instructions are somewhat confusing on this. Depending on how you read them you could conclude that it’s a bad idea to use the unit plugged in.

Although I would have preferred a lithium powered model. After one use I’m very pleased with this new purchase. For me not having to fiddle with a cord that always wanted to bunch up helped to improve cut quality. I’m actually happy with the end result. With the newer cordless model it seem to take less time to get the job done. This could be do to not having to mess with the cord and being able to easily maneuver the product.

If your in the market for a do it yourself home hair cutting kit – I’d recommend giving the Wahl 79231 a look. For the cost of a couple trips to the barber / salon it pays for itself with only a few uses.

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Update 2/15/2012

Just used this set of clippers for the second time. The original charge almost got me through this haircut. When I was about 75% finished the power went away. Had to finish with the clippers plugged in. I can’t say it enough – these new cordless clippers make the job faster and easier. It’s night and day compared to the older style Wahl Senior product I used for many years.

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