World’s Largest Amoco Sign St. Louis Missouri

Three of these photos where taken as we headed back to our hotel from having dinner at Ginger Bistro in the Delmar Loop. The photo with the Sun blocking the view was shot as we drove to dinner. Going back to the hotel I rolled down the window at the intersection to take pictures.

Over the years with all the oil company mergers. Many of the well known brands are just a footnote in history. Personally I wish they were all that way = out of business. As the pictures show – while the sign advertises one brand this gas station now operates under the BP label.

This location and sign was mentioned on an episode of American Pickers recently.

As far as I’m aware all of the old Amoco stations closed in the Springfield IL area years ago. When the underground tank laws were changed if I remember correctly. Several of those properties sat in disrepair for a long time. I think some have now been torn down or repurposed.

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