1976 Vanguard Electric CitiCar

This video shows Dave Yoder unloading and driving his 1976 Vanguard Electric CitiCar into the Marriott Hotel ballroom for EVening of EVs in Normal IL ( Thursday January 26th 2012 ). Warning my very shaky video “work” might cause nausea. Video taken using a digital camera, it was cold and I was in a hurry to make sure I captured this car in action.

I’d venture a guess electric car haters and skeptics will find this video amusing. Towards the end a tow rope is used to help the CitiCar into the ballroom. When talking to the owner later that night – I think this was do to the car having a low charge. Keep in mind I’ve seen David Brunson’s 1981 Comuta-Car go up a steep hill with no problems at the Illinois State Fairgrounds. The Comuta is the second go around of the CitiCar.

Sebring-Vanguard the company that manufactured CitiCars was sold to Commuter Vehicles, Inc. That is who went into production with the similar looking Comuta-Car. Occasionally you will see David Brunson’s 1981 Comuta-Car being driven around Springfield IL. I was under the mistaken impression that his vehicle had been upgraded to a lithium ion battery pack.

It was definitely interesting to have such a mix of old and new at this electric car event. The various vehicles really showed the progression of this technology over the years.

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1976 Vanguard Electric Citicar owned by Dave Yoder of Danvers Illinois displayed at the 15th Annual McLean County Car Association Antique Car show at David Davis Mansion Bloomington Illinois

15th Annual McLean County Car Association Antique Car show Alan Look Photography

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