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This isn’t the best video I took that evening. But it’s the only one that has all the electric charging station vendors. Keep in mind the video was taken using a digital camera and I had forgotten to turn on the anti-shake option. This video starts off showing the backend of a Tesla Roadster. You can see the battery pack enclosure and some of the charging cables. You’ll see the yellow emergency kill switch – when pulled this kills all power to the vehicle. This makes it safe for emergency responders to do their job. As far as I’m aware – all production electric vehicles have a similar device. When looking inside this Tesla Roadster you can see it’s an earlier version. This is determined by the center console and shifter.

After an interior look inside the Tesla we have a quick glance at a Chevy Volt. Next to the Volt we see a Nissan Leaf. Right next door to the Leaf we come across a Mitsubishi i-MiEV. Off in the corner by the main entrance we see an electric motorcycle – ElectraWing. The owner of this vehicle is friends with CitiCar owner Dave Yoder. If I remember correctly the motorcycle owner might be the person pulling the tow rope in the CitiCar video.

After walking around the Mitsubishi i-MiEV we come to vendors row. A bunch of electric charging station companies mostly. There was a very decent selection of charging options on display. While I spin around a couple of times you’ll see the backend of a Nissan Leaf. Then we see the rear of a Chevy Volt while it is charging ( actually that wouldn’t be correct since the charge port isn’t located there ). Another spin takes us back to the charging station vendors. It’s then that we come back to where the video started – the trunk of the Tesla Roadster.

Parked next to the Roadster is the much hyped Fisker Karma. I’ll save my opinion on this vehicle. Lets just say it’s eco street credibility might be in question. For that kind of money I’d rather purchase a Tesla Model S Signature Series. We are getting close to being done – but wait there is more. After a glimpse of the Fisker Karma roof solar panels we head to the Vanguard CitiCar. Yes the CitiCar was parked right next to the Karma. This very well could have been someones idea of an EV geek joke.

As I headed to get some quick video of the electric bicycles – Kevin Smith of a Illuminati Motor Works Automotive X PRIZE fame says hello. Their vehicle Seven wasn’t at the show but they did have a booth and were busy chatting with those who passed by. That would be the end of this video journey. I have several other videos recorded earlier before the room has opened to the general public. I’ll work on getting those live here soon.

Video above was taken inside the Marriott Hotel ballroom during the EVening of EVs event in Normal IL ( Thursday January 26th 2012 ).

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