Here is our balcony at the Edgewater Hotel this year

Picture of me standing on our balcony that we had this year at the Edgewater. I’m still not sure how we got a slightly bigger room with balcony for same price we paid last year. For Gnomedex 5.0 we had a room at Edgewater Hotel that was on fourth floor with no balcony.

Our room this year was closer to street but was a little larger than previous year. It also had this deck with two chairs and a table. For me it was nice early in the morning before going to bed – To step out here, sit down and have a wonderful view of the Space Needle and downtown Seattle.

I have a feeling that people who attend conferences on a monthly to weekly basis tend to no longer stop to smell the roses. Granted at times your not in a city long enough to really explore it. Then again I think others just don’t care. It’s just another business stop among many others.

To me it’s rather sad when people get into this type of groove. Many of us may feel that where we live or visit doesn’t have much to offer. Sometimes you just need to take a second look and you’ll find many things that you have missed. Enough of my long winded rant. If your ever in Seattle and decide to give the Edgewater a try. Keep in mind that similar balcony rooms are available on waterside of hotel.

This hotel is the only one located directly on water in Seattle. It has a long and interesting history. Not to mention it’s only a couple of doors down from where the Real World Seattle cast had their home.

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