Finding the Fremont Troll in Seattle

You wouldn't think that finding a troll under a bridge would be that hard. This Seattle icon has been featured on several different travel shows over the years. Yet most people in Seattle will tell you local residents can't find it. Someone at our hotel tried to give us directions. This ended up just having us driving around in circles for some time. Online and offline maps are of no help. Online resources have a problem locating Troll Avenue. In the end we stopped at an OfficeMax store to get instructions on how to find this concrete legend. Believe it or not a very helpful woman there was able to give my better half perfect directions on how to locate the troll. Your looking for the corner of N 36 St and Troll Ave N. Basically you need to head for the neighborhood of Fremont in Seattle. Once there you need to find the Taco Del Mar there will be a statue by this restaurant. Take the road that is by the statue. In the sky to the right you should see a large sign that says Fremont Baptist on it. Once your on this street you should have no problems locating the Fremont Troll.

Finding the Fremont Troll in Seattle – Photo Iggy Uncensored

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