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I'm not sure if Team Z was just left out of the loop on this one. Or maybe I just missed the memo. But it seems that Zone Labs now has a semi official blog that has been in use since March of this year. I'm not sure why it took me this long to come across it. Normally I'm good about stumbling upon these type of things. For the record I've not confirmed this is an official company site. If it is not then someone has done a good job of making it look proper. The WHOIS information seems to check out.

To me this is a long overdue move. I think from a customer perspective it is nice to see the thoughts from inside the company. Unfortunately in many cases you won't see the full truth because people fear losing their employment. Although if done right this can be yet another open line of communication between the company and it's customers. The Team Z program and the opening of their support forum were two examples of trying to do the right thing as well. Some people might debate how effective both of these have been. I've felt for awhile now that Team Z isn't as structured as it should be. Maybe instead of waiting for the lines of communication to be open. I should once again take a more proactive approach and start the conversation from my end.

The one negative I see right off the bat. Is that neither Don Hoover or my site get mentioned or linked to from the Zone Labs blog. You would think as much link love as we have given the company in the past. That they could in fact give just a little bit of that love back. Readers here over the next few weeks will see that I'm extremely unhappy about how only the well known people or sites getting all the press. Especially when it was the lesser known sites or people that have asked the questions or done the hard work.

I came across the Zone Labs blog by using the link below.

Technorati Explore zone labs

This is the message that is currently in the sidebar.

“Welcome, early visitor, to our stealth mode blog.”

I highly doubt I'm the one to blow it out of stealth mode. I've not taken the time to see if Zone Labs or any other sites have made announcements in regards to this new blog.

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Internet Security Zone Blog

It would seem I've just been out of the loop on this.

Internet Security Zone Blog: Where the people who work on ZoneAlarm have the opportunity to talk directly with customers and non-customers about industry news and products.  *Though this is not for product support issues*, we invite your comments on a wide range of other topics.

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