TD and Tony Garvin get some press

By now these two brothers should be local celebrities. Both have gotten their share of TV appearances and newspaper articles. Tony’s most recent interview can be seen in today’s State Journal Register. I’ll link to the online version below. He was interviewed at this years Camp COCO.

Camp COCO (which stands for Children’s Oncology Camp Organization) welcomes children ages 6-16 who are afflicted with leukemia, other cancers and blood disorders. The siblings of young campers (ages 6-10) also are welcome at the camp. Every effort is made to make the experience as comfortable and fun for the children as possible. At Camp COCO, we believe children can do almost anything they want. Our camp provides them a chance to “get away from it all.” The time away from home allows for a break from hospitals and over-protectiveness.

TD has had his share of TV news time previously. You can see him today on the 11 o’clock WICS Newsday program. He is attending Camp COCO with his brother again this year.

Children’s Cancer Research Benefit

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Benefit for Children’s Oncology Group (COG) Saturday November 13, 2004 Chatham,IL

All about Camp COCO Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Foundation

SJ-R.COM – Mind over Matter

Eight-year-old Tony Garvin forgets about the “magic button” on his chest when he goes to Camp COCO every summer.

He’s so busy playing with friends and engaging in the camp’s activities that he doesn’t think about the lump – an implanted tube that allows doctors to draw blood to make sure his leukemia doesn’t return.

“I don’t feel it on my body,” said Garvin, who lives in Springfield. “I write letters, play outside and play inside.”

WICS-TV NewsChannel 20, Springfield, IL

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