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The New York Times last Friday did a write-up on Springfield, IL. Friday’s article makes mention of this city’s history in regards to Abraham Lincoln. The story also makes mention of the new movie Cars and how Route 66 is a part of that movie. Yet when the Cozy Dog Drive-in is mentioned after that. No mention is made to the fact that several characters that are in that movie are based upon this Springfield establishment and the family that runs it. Springfield holds a yearly festival in honor of the Mother Road. A place you can find me at on a regular basis gets a plug. I’d bet many of you know where this is headed. I even made mention of this restaurant when I was in Seattle a few weeks back. It will be interesting to see if a certain couple in fact decides to travel here. Not only has D’arcy’s Pint made national TV at there old location. They can now add the New York Times to the list of major press coverage. It seems the author just had to stop in and have a Horseshoe Sandwich. If your wanting to learn more about some of the more popular Springfield, IL destinations. Giving this New York Times article a read is a good start. It covers some of the more well known tourist destinations. But also gives you some direction to the not so easily found places. As many people are aware I like to try and find a few out of the ordinary stops when I’m staying in a city for more than a day.

To read the article and for further background please use the links below.

Springfield, Ill. – New York Times By ANN M. MORRISON

Times travel writer tries 36 hours in Springfield

Man V Food visits Cozy Dog

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Herbie the Love Bug or a replica

Back to the Future DeLorean studio reproduction – They are coming back

Movie Review: the Disney/Pixar movie Cars

SuperVegan – Hippie vegetarian rejects Cars character namesake

‘An ethical vegetarian’ – This article is no longer live on the State Journal Register website. This how they do things with older content. It’s frustrating and sad because readers now can’t enjoy this very interesting story.

Quote – It was that connection to Route 66 that spawned my first column on Bob. When Disney/Pixar made the movie “Cars,” they modeled Fillmore, the VW hippie van voiced by George Carlin, after Bob. Bob is a friend of “Cars” consultant and Route 66 author Michael Wallis. Wallis was also the voice of the sheriff in “Cars.”

To bad the newspaper company you work for was to stupid to make sure that older article was live and working so that the man could be honored even further. Great stories are pointless if they can’t be read. Maybe your parent company could take a lesson from Bob Waldmire. Profits and greed aren’t always what one should strive for in life.

Waldmire bidding farewell to Rt. 66 friends

Help those battling cancer Relay For Life

Route 66 International Festival Springfield IL

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Try Blockbuster Free for Two Weeks, with many different price plans!

Bypass theater ticket lines. Buy movie tickets in advance at

Route 66 News New “Cars” movie trailer is up

Downtown Springfield Incorporated Springfield, Illinois

Not sure why the Darcy’s Pint website is not listed in the article. You can find links to it from my site in several different places. The author did provide some helpful links to websites for locations they visited. And no there was no mention of Springfield’s most well known blogger. Loved and hated around the world. But no New York Times author tried to track me down.

The Gray Lady comes to Springfield Disarranging Mine

The View from New York

The Times They Are In Springfield The Eleventh Hour

Bob Waldmire – Wikipedia

Sierra Club

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