LG A19 7.5W LED Lightbulb 40W Equivalent

LG A19 7.5W LED Lightbulb 40W Equivalent

We have been reducing our incandescent light bulb usage. There are a couple of light sockets still running this old fashioned technology in our closets. Two of our light fixtures need new glass covers before we can swap to LED lights.

I had been wanting to give LED light bulbs a test run for some time now. Like many people the only thing stopping me from doing so was the purchase price. It’s almost impossible to find LED lighting for under $20 a bulb. What most consumers fail to take into account is the longevity of that bulb for the money spent.

The other concern I had was taking a chance on an unknown brand. Most of the LED light bulbs on the market are being sold by companies you have never heard of. Finding reliable trustworthy reviews is always easier said than done. When you are spending $20 or more a bulb you don’t want to be stuck with a low quality product.

Granted nowadays most products are manufactured in the same factory. Only to be given different brand names on the product box. So unknown names aren’t always the risk many of us associate that with. It’s doing the research to figure out who is a safe bet that gets aggravating. After trying to do that investigation I ended up not knowing much more than I did when I started. Information in regards to quality manufacturers / brands and which LED bulbs are equivalent to which incandescent – can leave you with a huge headache.

When I recently came across LG ( a well known brand ) offering LED light bulbs at a great price – I made a very quick purchase. I finally had my chance to give this new technology a try. So far I’m more than pleased with our purchase. These 40W equivalents seem much brighter to me. Others had reported similar opinions. I think some users might actually have to adjust to the brightness.

I’m not sure why anyone would need a brighter light bulb than this one. There are options equivalent to a 60W, 75W and a 100W replacement should be on the market either now or in the near future. But for most in home uses I really can’t see a need for more than what this LG A19 7.5W LED bulb offers. Unless you are looking for dimmable. The LG A19 is not a dimmable bulb. Their 60W version is dimmable. This option seems to be something many consumers want in a light bulb. It’s not something we needed. Keep in mind the price for a dimmable LED is higher.

There are several reasons LED light bulbs appealed to me. They offer an energy efficient bulb which doesn’t contain mercury. Manufacturers claim a longer usage life compared to CFL’s and incandescent light bulbs. Longevity is claimed to be measured in years. Granted this won’t be proven outside a laboratory until that amount of time passes.

Power consumption is also a big selling feature with LED light bulbs. I can almost run 2 LED’s with the same amount of power used to run the compact fluorescent bulbs we are replacing. The CFL’s are rated at 13 Watt versus LED 7.5. That is almost running 2 light bulbs with the same energy as one. If there are no performance differences then common sense should tell you = running LED’s makes good sense.

Some reviewers had reported a 1 second delay from flipping the switch to lights turning on. If this is occurring with our bulbs it’s not distracting enough for me to notice. We are using these LED’s in two rooms and both areas seem to perform the same.

I could see some of the safety warnings freaking customers out. While most are just common sense I could see others causing concern. The don’t look at the bulb directly or you could have vision impairment because of brightness – has me trying to not even look in the direction of the light fixture. Which in some situations can be hard not to do.

Unfortunately conflicting information on where LED’s can be used – will stop us from fully replacing all the CFL’s in our home. From my reading LED’s are still considered unsafe to use as recessed lighting. This is do to the bulb needing proper cooling. LED light bulbs have cooling fins which can’t be obstructed. I’d assume there could be a risk of fire in that type of socket setup. Until I feel comfortable that this isn’t the case – CFL’s will remain in use for our recessed lighting fixtures.

The LG A19 box provides a good amount of information to help consumers determine if this is the right lighting solution for them. Unfortunately many people feel the retirement of incandescent technology is big government telling them how to live their life. Funny thing is many of these people are the same ones who change their phone as much as they do their underwear. Even though warnings about these changes have been given for years in advance and even delayed a few times. People still act shocked when the time comes.

Even though LED technology offers a safe way to light your home while using less energy. There are many who for some reason or another are opposed to putting this upgrade to use. Unfortunately in America there are still plenty of citizens who love to waste energy and money. What is most aggravating is the people who could most benefit from this technology can’t afford it. Programs need to be put into place to help low income people / families get access to this money saving alternative.

A quick video that shows our LG A19 7.5W LED light bulbs in use.

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