Security may be boring but so is rebuilding your machine from scratch

When is the last time you tested your machines security? How many of you out there even care if someone else is using your machine for their purposes? Yes in some states it may be illegal to access an open wireless network. But does this mean you shouldn’t be responsible and secure your network? Do you lock your doors in your home and car when you park it? Then why are you still leaving the door to your pc open? Is your privacy not important? Is it really ok with you to have someone snooping into your life and accessing your data? Unfortunately for many of you the answer is yes I don’t care. We’ve all heard the reasons and the excuses. These same people come screaming and crying when they become victims though. If you’d rather not be a statistic. Why not test your machines security and do a little reading as well?

Test your antivirus firewall and pc security

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