Iggy pissed off with a pig

You know visitors to Pikes Place Market are just rude. I can say this sinceĀ I’ve been there twice now. I’m sure this famous pig has been located here for awhile. And the money you place inside of it goes to a good cause. But trying to get a decent picture next to it is like fighting a prize fight. It’s location is by a very popular spot. Which I’m sure helps to improve donations. Actually I was so agitated this year I forgot to drop in some change. The pig is in front of the world famous Pike Place Fish Market. So most of you will be aware this is one of the busiest parts of Pike Place Market. Actually this level of the market is jammed packed. The other levels have much less traffic. Honestly I wish I had the time and money to head back out to Seattle this year. We really didn’t get everything seen that we wanted to this time around. Granted we saw much more than we did last year.

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My adventures in Seattle Washington

The Market Foundation

The Market Foundation was established in 1982 to support the Market’s services for low-income people, including its Clinic, Senior Center, Food Bank and Child Care & Preschool. The Foundation also supports the Market’s heritage programs, public improvements and repairs to the Market’s historic buildings, development of new low-income housing in the Market, and programs that assist the Market’s farmers.

Pigs On Parade About US

The old URL was a .org address they have now switched to a .com. I have updated the link so it is once again working properly.

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Fish Market Seattle-Order fresh seafood online, we ship overnight!

HistoryLink Essay Pike Place Market (Seattle) — Thumbnail History

Here is another view of Rachel the pig.

The bronze pig in Pike’s Place Market on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

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