Our recent Green Thoughts Garden order

Green Thoughts Garden Hand Crafted Herbal Soaps

Here is our latest Green Thoughts Garden order. During the Winter months the Old State Capitol Farmers Market doesn’t operate. So we have to place our order online. Which isn’t a problem for me – except for the extra cost of shipping. This will be the first time we purchased Green Thoughts Garden laundry soap. In the past we have used laundry soap from Hemple Soaps. Interestingly enough after we had talked to Amy ( Green Thoughts Garden owner ) about that – her version showed up at the stand and on her website. Both share similar ingredients. For the same amount of product – Green Thoughts Garden offers a cheaper price. I’ve had great results with both vendors products.

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Green Thoughts Garden Hand Crafted Herbal Soaps

Green Thoughts Garden herbal soaps with Comfrey Comfort herbal balm

Greenthoughts Garden Old State Capitol Farmers Market

Hemple Soaps Old State Capitol Farmers Market

Herbal Soaps Hand Crafted By Greenthoughts Garden

Greenthoughts Garden Herbal Skin Balms

Greenthoughts Garden Herbal Bath and Body Oils

Herbal Laundry Soap Greenthoughts Garden

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