Insightbb just doesn’t get it

My ISP Insightbb just doesn't seem to get customer service. Granted over the past year they have made advances in this regard. But they have a long way to go. It may be they don't care. Because complaining customers are in the minority. This could be true – considering not everyone understands when they are being take for a not so nice ride. Either way you would think that making high-end customers happy would be a big priority within the company. Wouldn't you as a company want your highest tier, highest paying and highest profit margin customers to be content? Well obviously this isn't the case for about 800 of Insights top customers. For the record this isn't the first time this has occurred. And yes I'm aware a numbers game is in effect with any ISP. Shouldn't your top tier customers still get some consideration?
So what is the problem you ask? Why is he going on about this cable company? Heck I have no clue it just seemed like fun at the time. No that isn't true. There is a valid reason. Because once again they are dragging there feet on an upgrade. And because they are still extremely overcharging for their plus tier. I know some would say. Well then just cancel the plus tier. This is a valid statement. If you haven't gone through extreme motions to get the tier in the first place. Users aren't willing to give up what was hard fought for so easily. Had we not had to call the corporate office to get the original upgrade. We might be inclined to just give in and do away with the plus tier.
A rumored then promised upgrade took place for the standard tier earlier this year. For background on that go here link 2. That upgrade took place and moved customers to a 4000/256 tier as the standard Insight tier for $34.95 a month. That pricing is with the discount Insight gives for this and that. The old standard tier had been 3000/128. There was no price increase for the upgrade of the tier. So far they seem like a real nice company don't they? Let's not ask how many years users had been begging for an upload increase. Oh I know same old story you hear from every broadband customer. blah blah blah.
The old version of the plus tier was 3000/384. Customers paid $69.95 a month for this with applied discounts. Yes that is double the price for only an extra 256 upload. When you have been denied a choice and need upload. The pricing doesn't seem to bad. At the time of the tier release. The pricing was only slightly on the high side compared to most US broadband providers. Now the plus tier received the new 4000 down speed recently. Along with the standard tier. Nice increase but not adding any value for the money paid for the plus tier. The company in no way shape or form upgraded the upload side of things. So now plus users are paying a whopping $34.95 extra a month for only an extra 128 upload.
A plus tier upgrade is rumored. Testing was supposed to start Oct. 1. There are in fact signs that this testing has started. Unfortunately testing has always taken place in Covington, KY and nowhere else. Funny how a New York corporation runs everything out of Kentucky. But I digress. No official release data has been set for this upgrade. So users are now stuck with some decisions they shouldn't have to be stuck with. Continue to pay $34.95 extra a month for 128 more upload. Or cancel the plus package and go with the standard tier. Until Insight learns to run a company properly and not take financial advantage of it's customers. Every other ISP that has upgraded tiers recently has done so all at one time. Why is it the 9th largest cable company in the nation can't upgrade 2 tiers at the same time? Every other cable and DSL provider seems to be able to.
Is this a stall tactic to make a little extra cash off of 800 users? Is this an issue with AT&T their bandwidth provider? Is it an issue with Comcast ( a part owner of Insight )? Why can every other provider release tier upgrades in sequence? But Insight can't?
As much as everyone hates the word regulation. I feel if companies are going to take advantage of their customers in this way. Then their should be regulation to state what is considered fair pricing for the value of the product offered.
Once again my household is left with a choice. Call the corporate office again. To get what is fair and right. Or downgrade a tier package that was earned by calling that same corporate office previously. If this company valued it's customer base. My household wouldn't have to be making such a choice. And if I had a choice of provider. Insight would have one less customer to serve. Do to their lack of “insight” on how customers should be treated and how business should be done.


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