Cooper’s Hawk eating it’s prey

Unfortunately the death of the bird in the Cooper’s Hawk claws is our fault. The bird feeder we have in the backyard attracts a wide range of birds. Many of these are a food source for Cooper’s Hawks. This is the first time I have seen this type of bird twice in one year. I just happened to look out at the right time a few days ago.

I’d venture a guess I had just missed the kill shot. The Cooper’s Hawk was in the process of tearing off the feathers of the deceased bird when I looked out. This is when I went to get the camera. Not into watching an animal eat another. But I did want to get some photos of this bird for a second time.

In previous articles this bird has been identified as a Cooper’s Hawk. So I’m sticking with that. Where we live years ago used to be somewhat wooded with farm fields. So it’s not unusual to see wild life every once in awhile. I’ll save the debate of humans destroying nature for “progress” for another day. Although I’m guilt of supporting that for living here.

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