Woodrum Chevrolet Chevy Volt Macomb Illinois

During a recent trip we passed through Macomb Illinois. As we passed the local Chevy dealership ( Woodrum Chevrolet ) I kept an eye out to see if they had a Volt on their lot. I just barely caught a glimpse of the one promotional Volt they had sitting out front. My girlfriend was less than pleased when I asked her to turn around so I could get pictures. It was starting to get dark the wind was very heavy and we still had some miles to get down the road.

Because of the wind it was rather cold that night. I didn’t take a lot of time trying to get the perfect photos. I was more worried about getting some shots and getting back in the car.

It’s really frustrating to see the amount of misinformation news media are promoting in regards to this vehicle. Even more aggravating is those complaining about oil usage and high gas prices aren’t leading by example. Many vehicle options now exist to help reduce or eliminate gasoline use. Yet consumers seem to keep finding reasons not to want to purchase any of them. Most of which aren’t valid or are based upon false information.

You have a car being built in America in factories that in the past have sat idle. This American made vehicle also helps to use American resources more efficiently and reduces our need to rely upon foreign resources. No matter how many times this is proven in the real world – there are still many haters. These haters even beat their chest about what great American’s they are – all while taking one big dump on the country they supposedly love.

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