Can you trust customer support comments added to a website

Over the years many companies have finally decided to hop on the social media bandwagon. Unfortunately many have done so in the wrong way. A good majority farm out support services to others or to a public relations firm. It’s definitely easy to detect the copy & paste jobs that many support forums and support staff use. Makes the experience less than personal.

It could be said that at least companies finally learned something and are trying to engage customers in a conversation. For many years they refused to engage customers in online forums or create support forums of their own. The excuse normally given was the legal department advised against it. This caused a lot of bad vibes with customers. Most of the time I’ve gotten much better customer service from doing an article here or by engaging a company on Twitter.

The thing that many people probably don’t think about – is it really safe to take a “support” comment as trustworthy and valid when made on a website? Plenty of companies have employees or services add comments to articles. But this is also a very easy way for hackers, scammers and phishers to try and get information from you.

Once you share your email a spammer then knows they have a valid address. If the comment directs you to an infected webpage this can cause many problems – including sharing information you want to keep private. Over the years it’s become fairly easy to create pages that look legitimate that definitely aren’t. Internet criminals are constantly coming up with new ways to get you to part with data they want.

If you aren’t on that companies website or haven’t sent an email to their support – you should always use extreme caution before interacting with a “support” source. In most cases that source is legitimate. But it only takes once of it not being to have a major headache on your hands. Most companies now have official accounts on Facebook & Twitter. You should always make sure when interacting that you are doing so with the proper account. There are many instances of fake accounts being setup.

Just because someone post a helpful “support” comment on a website – this doesn’t always mean it’s legitimate. Always do a little homework before clicking links or sending an email. A bit of caution can save you gaining more aggravation than what you might already have.

A recent example for me would be a comment stating to provide this information within an email. Your name, the recipients name and the delivery date of your order. Please also include an email address and a contact phone number where you can be reached. All of those items are things spammers, hackers and other not so nice Internet bad people would love to get access to. This is why you should always have your guard up and not just send off an email with all that included.

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