Miles Nissan Leaf AeroVironment charging stations

Miles Nissan Leaf AeroVironment charging stations

This AeroVironment charging station and Leaf charging display are located at Miles Nissan in Decatur, IL. Miles Nissan Manager Maurice Brown was kind enough to let me take my time exploring the dealership. I was able to get some fairly decent shots of the charging station setup and their Nissan Leaf demo that is powered by it. Unfortunately we weren’t their to purchase the Leaf. I can’t express how aggravated that makes me. Very few who can afford to lead by example are doing so. While I’m stuck wanting to purchase an electric car but just can’t do so financially.

Everyone can debate how clean the electricity coming out that power cord is. But what you can’t debate is the source of energy comes from American power plants that use American workers. The energy is produced from American resources. Not Canadian, not Middle Eastern or some other foreign country. A truly free nation uses it’s resources wisely. Unfortunately to many fools are still clueless and think drill baby drill is the answer.

I’d rather have a car in our garage attached to the cord show above – than the one connected to a pump at a local gas station. If my opinion and gut is right – over the next few years many others might starting feeling that way as well. Then again maybe people like paying $100’s of dollars for gasoline instead of pennies on the dollar to power their vehicle.

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