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Miles Chevrolet made it very hard for us to track down the Chevy Volt on their lot. I thought they would have it up front like many other dealerships. It was almost hidden – parked on a back portion of their large lot. Granted I’d venture a guess this vehicle isn’t in popular demand from Decatur residents. I could be wrong but I’d tend to bet the majority have that drill baby drill mentality all while complaining about gas prices and wars “supposedly” fought for access to that product.

No matter how many times Chevy Volt haters have been proven wrong. These people still keep repeating their false rhetoric. This car was in development long before President Obama took office. That guy name Bush was still hanging around when the Volt was being designed. These vehicles do not explode. You have a better chance of exploding walking on some city streets in the United States than you ever would driving this car. Yet no matter how many times this political bullshit has been debunked = clueless morons still repeat that the Chevy Volt was built using government funding and the batteries it uses blow up.

The battery explosion nonsense will of course be brought back up do to an event this week. During TESTING at a General Motors battery facility an explosion took place. Most people will ignore that the battery that blew up WAS NOT produced by GM. The batteries being tested were manufactured by A123 Systems for a future vehicle – Chevrolet Spark EV. Of course the loudmouth haters will completely forget that testing taking place was to determine safe operating tolerances. The A123 Systems battery pack was being stress tested. Why? To make sure that it would be completely safe when put into a production vehicle.

Unfortunately all the mouthpieces of the world will forget the facts. These people will claim that electric vehicles aren’t safe and will blow up unexpectedly. Even though this is not true and no production EV has ever blown up – unlike the large number of gasoline powered vehicles that do so each year.

Here are some facts that Chevy Volt haters always seem to avoid. The Chevrolet Volt is manufactured in the United States. This provides much needed factory jobs that many corporations have shipped overseas. The Volt according to the informational sticker is built using 46% U.S. / Canadian parts. Even if your vehicle is “manufactured” in a United States factory – many times it’s done so with foreign made parts.

In real world use the Chevy Volt has been shown to greatly reduce an owners need for gasoline. This allows our nation to reduce our dependency on this commodity. While the power coming into a Volt charging cord might not always be produced using the cleanest methods. That power is manufactured in American power plants employing Americans. In most cases these plants aren’t owned by large foreign conglomerates – they are owned by American companies.

You’d think a product that creates American jobs using American resources would be something praised by those beating their chest about what great patriots they are. Instead of seeing the Chevy Volt as an example of American ingenuity putting Americans to work – these people see it as some evil entity.

These pictures above and below were taken late in the evening after a few hours of testing driving vehicles across the street at Miles Nissan.

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