Why are these people in the trunk

Kids in trunk Ballard Locks Seattle Washington

This is a perfect example of why I say geeks at conferences should explore the city they are in when they have a chance. While I’m sure many will say seeing people stuffed in a trunk isn’t the highlight of a vacation. I’d say this just shows you never know what interesting things you might find in a city. Before I describe what led up to this picture. I will state that this is a dangerous practice. You shouldn’t stuff yourself or anyone else in a trunk. In most places this is most likely illegal. At the very least it is unwise and could lead to situations that might be unexpected. We’ve all seen where having a bit of fun can turn into a tragedy. That said neither adult that witnessed this felt the need to speak up in this regard. We both saw it as kids just having fun. Cheryl offered to take their picture with the digital camera they had. I of course took shots with my camera as well. Cheryl then asked them why they were doing it.

This photo was taken as we were leaving the Ballard Locks ( Hiram M Chittenden Locks ). I had just “fixed” my new digital camera as we parked at the locks. So luckily it was working to get this shot and pictures of the locks. As we were leaving this tourist location we saw all these people stuffing themselves into a trunk. I of course found this odd and wondered what was going on. It seems this was part of some scavenger hunt they were doing. Guess no adults were in on this hunt. Or they just felt it was all in fun and no danger would come about. Come to think of it. It would have been hard for the trunk lid to shut down on anyone with four people in it. So maybe nothing more than cramps could occur. Either way Cheryl and myself both took photos. The pictured participants then tried their best to crawl out of the trunk and we went on our way.

Now something tells me that it never occurred to them that they might end up on the internet. I’m sure they thought we were just some tourist taking vacation photos. Which we were. So I say it is our duty to reward their crazy efforts by making them internet famous. Some might call this stupidity others might call it fun. But others have been made famous for less on the internet.

Maybe it’s time for a new comedy series. Kids in the trunk.

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Lake Washington Ship Canal and Hiram M. Chittenden Locks was completed in 1917 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

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