Hey mom look at me

I’m not sure anyone else but Cheryl saw this. But here is how the story goes. I’m standing in the back area of Pikes Place Fish Market watching, listening and taking photos. Then for some reason I looked out across the street. And what did I see? Well I saw a woman on a roof taking pictures. I told Cheryl come on follow me now. She looked at me puzzled and wondered why there was such a rush. The whole time I’m trying to make sure I’m taking shots so I don’t miss this. I could have sworn this person saw me taking photos. I’d have to say I was wrong. Because when it dawned on her someone was taking her photo she jumped back in the window ASAP. Now the interesting thing here is this. There was a gentle breeze that day in Seattle. When she dashed for the window her skirt went flying up in the air. No I don’t have a photo of this ( honest ). But Cheryl is my witness that this in fact did take place. I’m not sure if anyone else noticed. This is probably the most busy area around the markets. It would surprise me if no one else saw this take place. Then again in the big city with all the hustle and bustle. Maybe no one even gave it a second glance. This is yet another example of you never know what you might miss if you don’t pay attention or go exploring a city. I’m not sure if standing on this roof would have gotten her in trouble. I’d venture to say by her reaction she knew she shouldn’t be there. The market does have it’s own police force or maybe they are just security guards. Although that does seemed limited to be honest. I’d have to say that if she had a nice camera. I would bet she got some really good shots in the minute or two she was there.

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