Buford Trading Post Buford Wyoming “The Nation’s Smallest Town” 2004

Buford Wyoming “The Nation’s Smallest Town” was recently sold at auction for $900,000 ( Williams, Williams & McKissick hosted the auction ). These pictures show what Buford looked like during our visit in 2004. If I remember correctly we pulled into the Buford Trading Post on fumes. We had definitely pushed our gas tank to empty. In that part of the country this isn’t exactly a wise decision.

This was our first visit to Buford. We were heading out to Lake Tahoe for the Gnomedex 4 conference. The car we drove that year had just been purchased and recently the engine just blew up on it ( 2012 ). A road trip from Illinois to California was a hardcore way to break that 2004 Chevy Aveo in.

When I tried to enter through the End of the Trail gifts and jewelry right door – it wouldn’t budge. I’d assume it was designed to keep a Montana winter outside. No matter what I tried the door just wouldn’t move for me. Embarrassingly a man on the other side had to open it. My guess is – it was one of the 2 residents who lived and worked there at the time.

We stopped to gas up on the way home very late in the evening after closing. The pumps were open 24/7 – you just had to pay with a credit card.

The photo quality is far from the best. Pictures were taken with a low-end digital camera and we were in a hurry to get back on the road. But they provide a good idea of what the property look like in 2004.

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