Homeland Security truck St Louis

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Homeland Security truck St Louis

Nowadays it’s probably wise to think about posting these types of pictures. Even though we supposedly live in a “free” country in the USA. You never know what someone might decide to freak out about and cause grief over. For me I just found this interesting. Don’t recall ever coming across the vehicle on this road in the past. Not sure of it’s exact purpose. Some might say in today’s environment it might not be advised to try and find out. By the looks of it I’d assume it’s a communications vehicle used in various capacities.

Of course the really paranoid / conspiracy lovers would state the driver / occupants of this truck were fully aware I was taking these pictures while we drove down the highway. Although many who are considered “nut jobs” have been found to actually be right years later. So maybe some of their ideas aren’t farfetched Hollywood make believe.

Homeland Security truck St Louis Homeland Security truck St Louis Homeland Security truck St Louis

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