Ticia Dippin Dots do exist

This is a picture of a Dippin Dots stand at the Illinois State Fair. This gives Josh even more proof that Dippin Dots do actually exist. Yes I’m aware that Cheryl made sure I dropped off the Dippin Dots cup from the Six Flags in Seattle as proof last month. But just in case there was still some doubt. I now offer you photographic proof that Dippin Dots Ice Cream of the Future does in fact get produced and sold. As always you can click on the picture for a larger view. When I was out at the fair the other day I forgot to take this picture. Today right as I was about to pass this stand again. It dawned on me that I should take this picture as further proof.  

Illinois State Fair 2006 butter cow – Iggy Uncensored  

Where was the Real World in Seattle – Iggy Uncensored  

Dippin’ Dots

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