Why aren’t you using HTML5

I’m still trying to figure out why many websites still refuse to move video content to HTML5. Even Adobe who develops Flash has seen the writing on the wall. Yet website owners continue to stick with Flash and not make the change to HTML5.

This is even more interesting considering the fact that Google has clearly chosen sides. Google is currently running an HTML5 trial. Content is being streamed using the .webm format. I think this along with the fact that cell phone developers have never shown Flash love is why Adobe has seen a need to change the game plan. Unfortunately the majority of website owners large and small haven’t gotten a clue.

HTML5 is better for your readers / viewers. There is no plugin to install – since almost all modern day browsers feature internal support for this format. When using WordPress for your website – HTML5 is as simple as choosing a plugin then pasting the proper code in each video post. Almost all plugins offer fallback options to Flash for users with older outdated web browsers.

I’ve seen some concerns about security when using HTML5. If we look at the security history of Flash an alternative should be desired. This also goes back to ease of use for users. With HTML5 there is no separate plugin to update. All you need to do is update your browser when a new version is released. Less stuff to keep track of helps reduce update fatigue – so more users should be running properly secured software. This should reduce the impact of any known vulnerability.

HTML5 offers a more seamless experience for users. No plugin to install or look after – content just works. Along with update fatigue most Internet users have suffered codec fatigue. The constant battle of figuring out how to get video & sometimes audio to play because of which codec it was produced with. HTML5 greatly reduces this aggravation.

All video content on this website has been converted to .webm. This means that all my videos support HTML5 playback. The WordPress plugin I use for my player will default to Flash or another source for older outdated web browsers. I made this change several months ago.

For the most part converting your current video content to .webm files is fairly easy. There can be some hiccups. I use VLC Media Player convert / save option to create all my content. It’s a fairly straightforward process.

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This is another method that can be used. But I think it’s rather pointless and makes the process more complicated than it needs to be. I also DID NOT have a good experience with the software being used within that article. My opinion is the information was helpful at one time but now is a bit dated.

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