A great example of moronic marketers

Oh I'm sure some of the gamers that feel they are above everyone and mega elite will just love this marketing campaign. But once again I have to ask. Is it really ok to insult your customers? It must be because you see companies and A-list bloggers doing it all the time. I guess the marketing department at Microsoft felt this was a great way to introduce their new Habu Gaming Mouse. I'm currently using a Microsoft mouse with my machine. You can bet they won't be seeing me pay a premium to upgrade to this new device. Why? Because of their lame unoriginal marketing campaign. Although as I stated above. I'm sure all the young gaming punks will think this is just way cool. Someone needs to start telling people where they can stick the noob word.

Addicted to Digital Media – Habu Mouse is NotForNoobs

Microsoft Habuâ„¢ – Coming Soon.


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