Marla Moo the other Illinois State Fair cow 2006

Yes there are tons of cows all over the Illinois State Fair. But I think we could all agree that the most popular cow on the grounds would be the butter cow. I’m not sure to many people pay attention to that cows competition. Honestly I might not have even given it a second glance if I hadn’t read about it on a Springfield bloggers site. The three days I went to the fair this year. It seemed like this attraction was mostly being ignored. Which is unfortunate. Especially after you get the background story on this piece of art. ThirtyWhat the writer who originally made light of Marla Moo went the extra mile to get the behind the scenes information. I took the above picture on August 17, 2006. I’ve got several other shots from that day and from the other two days I attended this years fair. I think this picture gives the best overall view. Right off hand I can’t remember if this sculpture has been there in previous years. I’d have to look at pictures I took the past couple of years to find out.

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