Darcy’s Pint, The BarrelHead and The Illinois State Fair

The other day I linked to a site that had a good number of Illinois State Fair pictures. I like to link to sites that normally might not get a ton of exposure. In many cases these are where you will find some of the best stories and great pictures. So I ventured back to this place today. Just to see if there were any updates. One quick side note. Most of you here must not have bothered to visit her site. There was no mentioned of being slammed by large amounts of traffic. Either way there was an update that caught my eye. It talked about her trip to Darcy's Pint for a ponyshoe. There was also mention of how the BarrelHead used to be her favorite place to eat this Springfield, IL tradition. As the article mentioned that establishment got hit heavily by the tornado that hit our area early this year. It is in the process of being rebuilt right now.

The Barrel Head a new beginning – Iggy Uncensored

Darcy's Pint now has their own website – Iggy Uncensored

Search results for tornado Iggy Uncensored

Illinois State Fair 2006 butter cow – Iggy Uncensored

Knitting Relaxes Me One Last Home Post

flickr Photos from jannabeth

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