Thunderstorm Chatham IL May 4 2012

Played around with low light recording this morning with our new Sony HDRCX210 Handycam HD Camcorder. Everything was left on auto letting the camcorder do the work. This model only rates average for low light recording. With no external light – it limits what can be recorded in some situations. The video above started out as an .MTS file it’s been converted to a .WEBM so it will play in HTML5 supported browsers. If you have an older browser stuck in the Flash ages – the player should fall back to showing the video using that antiquated technology.

Nothing to extreme in the video. The lightning at times was much closer than the video shows. All you really see is flashing light blasting the picture then going away. The heavy winds we had this morning are clearly on display. You’ll also see the heavy downpour mellow out.

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