Black & Decker RB-3612 Replacement 36V Battery Pack

This Black & Decker RB-3612 Replacement 36V Battery Pack is a spare for our new Black and Decker SPCM1936 Electric Lawn Mower. The battery came fully charged. But I hooked it up to the charger to make sure. To find the charge level just push the i button. If all 3 green lights come on you have a full charge. When you see less green lights – make sure to connect the battery to the charger. CPO Outlets ( who I purchased this from through ) fulfilled the order quickly and without any problems. Anyone who has watched the mower video can see this box got to us in better shape – no damage.

The battery is powered using American resources and energy produced in the United States. While that source might not always be the cleanest – at least Americans are being employed producing it. Instead of spending dollars to run your lawn mower with dirty fuel. This battery pack can be recharged for pennies. At the end of it’s life expectancy it can be recycled. The battery pack emits no harmful or nasty pollutants – unlike gas powered mowers.

For those of you who seem to feel electric powered lawn mowers make you less of a man – I’d ask if you use cordless tools? I’d also ask if you are aware fully charged electric products offer full torque and power. Yes that can diminish as the charge weakens.

Unfortunately like almost every other consumer item nowadays this battery pack is not manufactured in the United States. It is a product of China.

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