Abraham Lincoln Memorial Garden Springfield Illinois

It’s been awhile since we ventured out to Abraham Lincoln Memorial Garden. After watching a bit of high school baseball yesterday we headed out that way. I don’t think we made a visit last year. With our schedule and the extreme heat it wasn’t really desirable to go walking around the woods. Yesterday was close to the perfect day to do exactly that. Humidity was a bit unpleasant – but there was a slight breeze to counter act that.

With decent weather I was more than ready to roam around Lincoln Memorial Garden to put our new Sony HD Camcorder to use. This video is part of what I recorded that day. I really need to work on stabilization when zooming in on long distance shots. The recording was done in what most people might consider the back part of Lincoln Memorial Garden.

It looks like the memorial bench seen in the video is being fixed. I’m not sure if it was damaged or just needing repaired do to wear and tear. You can hear the group of children identifying objects in the woods by the prairie. They were accompanied by two adult females. Several of the kids seemed very happy with their Lincoln Memorial Garden adventure.

Unfortunately much of my older Lincoln Memorial Garden content is not available. With several hosting changes over the years some material has never been fully fixed – just not enough hours in the day. What I do have working is been linked below.

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