Peafowl on the loose at Henson Robinson Zoo

After an evening walk at Lincoln Memorial Garden – we took a drive past Henson Robinson Zoo. At the service entrance gate there was a peafowl by the fence. When we came around the corner to the front entrance we saw two ladies with another peafowl roaming freely. One of the ladies said they had made a call and were told this was normal behavior.

A peafowl is commonly referred to as a peacock. That term only refers to males not females. Since I don’t know which this particular bird is – I’ve gone with the generic term.

I’m not sure if I had forgotten they could fly or just assumed with such a massive tail it wasn’t possible. My thinking was the aerodynamics wouldn’t be optimal. Obviously my thought process on that was flawed.

The peafowl didn’t seemed concerned by those of us filming it. Didn’t seem to concerned about heading back into the fenced in parts of the zoo. It seemed more than happy to hang out in the parking lot scavenging for a food source.

After I stopped recording and we were leaving the bird got very vocal for just a few seconds. Not sure what caused that reaction – it had been very quiet up to that point.

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Springfield Man Sentenced for Role in Zoo Theft 7/23/1999

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