A mixed bag

It would seem that Insight truly doesn't get it. According to this post. I'd say the company has a long way to go in terms of learning how to market their product properly to the customers they serve. If the post holds true. Insight will be lagging behind almost every major broadband provider in regards to offering tiered service and the types of tiers being offered. Definitely not thinking in a very forward thinking manner. I truly wish I had a choice of provider. For further background on this. See yesterdays posting here. The person posting in the first link. Is an Insightbb employee within the Springfield, IL office.
On another note. I'm still not seeing Google Adsense have any true sense. On the pages I've deployed this product on. I'd say only 60% of the time are the ads relevant to the content on the page. Granted it's only been live for 3 days so far. So maybe everything takes a bit to hit it's groove. But I'm really seeing a mixed bag of results at this time. If this is as good as it gets. I can't truly see how any site could make good money using the product. If every blogger using the product just serves blog ads. How is this effective marketing? Shouldn't Google be able to determine the content in the blog? Then serve ads that relate? My thought was this is what was supposed to be so revolutionary about the service. Kitchenware on a technology site I guess could be appropriate link. But my thought is not to many sales are going to be made from that combination on that site. I guess some of the Google ads here are getting a little closer to the content. I'm seeing good results here link 2 3 4. The results on this blog are less than spectacular at this time though. So I guess that would lead me to believe that in my case. It's a blog issue. Since most content on my main site seems to be jiving well with Google Adsense. I'll keep a watch the next few weeks. To make a final determination.

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