Twistee Treat The Pink Elephant Antique Mall I-55 Livingston IL

For years we have been visiting Twistee Treat located next to The Pink Elephant Antique Mall just off Interstate 55 in Livingston IL. On several occasions I’ve taken the time to photograph many of the interesting features on this property. For one reason or another I’ve just never gotten around to posting any of those photos.

Our most recent visit was on Tuesday May 22 2012 coming home from St Louis. Anyone who has traveled on Interstate 55 in Southern Illinois has most likely seen the Twistee Treat Ice Cream building. If you didn’t notice the ice cream shack – you most likely saw the huge pink elephant, the UFO, Harley Davidson muffler man, semi trailer advertising the Antique Mall or maybe the over-sized tricycle caught your eye. Even if you were doing your best to keep your focus forward while driving this place is hard to miss.

The UFO is a one of kind very rare experimental home. Fewer than a 100 were manufactured and reports state that only 50 of those still exist. From what I have seen most are in pretty bad condition and in need of major rehabilitation. This science fiction vehicle’s proper name is Futuro House ( House of the Future ). This particular Futuro came from Springfield IL according to a State Journal Register newspaper article.

“The House of the Future, also known as Futuro House, was exhibited at Illinois State Fairs in the 1970s. Now, after years of neglect in Springfield, it is a roadside attraction in Livingston in Madison County.”

“The House of the Future had been rotting away at Frank Moscardelli’s place north of the Springfield airport along Illinois 29”

Most of the pictures I’ve seen online of Futuro’s seem to show similar fates. Just sitting in someone’s yard waiting to be restored to their past glory. I guess they end up being the some day I’ll get to it project – only to sit and decay.

Even though we have made many visits to this location we’ve never taken time to go inside the old Livingston High School turned into The Pink Elephant Antique Mall. I’m sure we are missing out on some interesting things. I’ve not been able to locate a website for this antique mall. So I can’t give you any background information or point you towards the history of the location. I will provide resources to help readers learn more about Twistee Treat ice cream and Futuro Houses.

Springfield Illinois has it’s own Pink Elephant on wheels that can be rented out for events. We also have our own Muffler Man. Both were heavily damaged during the March 12, 2006 Springfield tornado. These local icons were both repaired and can be found down the road from each other.

Video above is just over 16 minutes long. It gives a great view of the treasures you can find when stopping by this location. Towards end of the video – quality becomes lacking. I’ve never seen this problem before. I tried re-encoding three times with no luck ( re-encoded 4/26/2015 End still has glitch ). Original video didn’t have any issues at this point. So I’m not sure why encoding went nuts at end.

If you look at one of the recorded billboards. You will see an advertisement for the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield IL.

These photos were taken September 5, 2011 on a previous visit to The Pink Elephant Antique Mall. This shows the inside of the Futuro House and one concrete foundation that has been personalized.

Pink Elephant Antique Mall just off I-55 Exit 37 Livingston IL 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily (618) 637-2366

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