Chillbilly’s Ice Cream Soda Jerk Macon Illinois

The other day while driving through Macon Illinois on U.S. 51 we spotted this ice cream man statue. Unfortunately we had already past the turn off to get to this location. So we took the next exit and drove through town to find the road needed to get there.

I got out and headed through the field towards the Ice Cream Soda Jerk. Many people consider this statue a Muffler Man or in the style of that well known fiberglass icon. There is no sign stating coming soon or a name of the ice cream burger joint opening. Only after finding a August 15, 2011 Decatur Herald & Review article was I able to get any details. This states the name two different ways Chillbilliy’s and Chillbilly’s. The statue is known as Chillbilly.

Anyone wanting to take pictures or video of Chillbilly should use serious caution. This statue is located very close to the highway. Fast moving traffic is not to far away – use a bit of common sense and be careful when enjoying this roadside attraction.

The Chillbilly’s building uses a geothermal heating cooling system. It’s good to see more commercial and residential projects start to put this technology to greater use.

Chillbilly was produced by Mark Cline’s Enchanted Castle Studios in Natural Bridge, Virginia.

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Chillbilly’s hamburgers ice cream more Macon Illinois revisited Now Open

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