Insightbb 10 Meg will now be standard – Insight Broadband 10.0

Insight Communications has finally announced their new speed tiers. The rumor mill has been talking for several months now about speed upgrades coming to Insightbb. This last month customers started to see some test markets getting much highers speeds than normal. Insight Communications CEO Michael Willner had previously posted that a speed upgrade was in the works. At the time he wouldn't comment on what those speeds would be in the end. Yesterday in a forum post in the Inside Insight Community he confirmed what the new speed tiers would be. He however would only state that the upgrades would be taking place this month. No exact time frame per region was given. In the past Insight has sometimes released this information. This speed upgrade coincides with Insight's recent Insight Digital 2.0 release. Which added some stations to their cable TV network and categorized channels. Previously Mr. Willner had stated that these upgrades would take place fairly close to each other.

Many will see this upgrade as wonderful. Especially do to the fact that no price increase is supposed to take place. This is actually the second time Insight has done a speed upgrade without raising the price of service. I'm sure the company will tell you they do this out of the kindness of their heart. Most of us are fully aware this isn't the case. Market and customer demands are normally the two things that affect these type of decisions. Even if we give Insight credit for just be an overall nice company. Any person who follows the world of broadband would have to question how revolutionary this latest upgrade is. Should we consider it groundbreaking that Insight now offers speeds that OOL ( OptimumOnline ) and some @Home areas had before and around 1999. Is it revolutionary to just now be offering speeds that some competition past and present has offered years ago?

To Insight's credit there are not many companies that I'm aware of that are giving customers 10000/1000 speeds for around $35 if you have their cable television package. There are however several broadband providers that are giving faster speeds than 15000/1500 for $80 or lower a month. That is the newer speed limit for Insightbb's Plus package. The previously mentioned OptimumOnline ( OOL ) and Verizon FIOS come to mind in that regard. I think I'm safe to state that these are currently the standard setting broadband companies in the United States. OOL has always set the bar high and almost no other providers have been willing to match that level over the years. Verizon FIOS has only recently seen large rollouts to communities. They currently offer some of the highest consumer broadband speeds in the US. Even OOL has had to play catchup.

In fairness I'm not aware of any provider that is giving their customers these type of speeds in Insight serviced communities at this time. Currently in my region there is only a choice of AT&T ( formerly SBC ) DSL and some wireless providers. The city of Springfield, Illinois is in the process of trying to get a citywide wireless network up and running. AT&T DSL can be had for $14.95 a month as long as you have their phone service and will sign a one year contract. AT&T's highest consumer tier is 6000/768 if I remember right. At one time this was offered at a cheaper rate than Insight's Plus package. Although availability was of course limited. This is do to distance from the central office ( CO ) and the fact that AT&T doesn't currently service all of the city of Springfield for DSL.

With this in mind it is easy to see why many people would currently praise Insight's latest move. Especially when looking at what speeds you get for what your paying. Even when looking at the overall picture. You could currently say that Insight Communications will now rank as one the higherend service providers. Many providers are charging more for less speed than what Insight will be offering. Over the years Insight has continually lagged behind other broadband providers. This has always been true in regards to upload speeds. When other providers finally started to raise upload speed. Insight for a very long time ignored this trend and kept it's customers at 128 kbps for upload. Customers have long complained in regards to upload speed. This latest upgrade should quiet a lot of discontent in that regard.

This latest upgrade won't make Insight a standards setting company. It will however make it the highest speed consumer broadband provider in almost all of the regions it services. Unless AT&T's Lightspeed project is further along than I'm aware. It will be hard to find a provider that offers these types of speeds for this money in the Midwest region. I'm not aware of any such company in Illinois, Indiana or Kentucky. However once again the Plus package is kind of right on the edge in regards to speeds and money. For the amount charged by Insight the speeds should have been more like 20000/2000. Insight has always made the mistake of making the Plus tier speeds to close to the standard tier. This has always been one of the biggest complaints from it's Plus tier customers. It is also a major reason Insight hasn't seen a larger adoption of it's Plus tier.

Customers who haven't seen this upgrade already take place. Should start seeing this rollout system wide this month. No firm dates have been given. But all Insightbb customers should be upgraded by the end of November 2006. Unless something goes wrong while bringing the other communities online. As long as no networking issues arise. November will be a good month for Insightbb users.

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A response I made in one of the above forum threads.

I'd agree that it would be interesting for them to compare Apples with Apples. Considering that in some cases AT&T ( formerly SBC ) offers 6 Meg service for less money than Insight. 1.5 in most areas is the lowest starting point for most DSL providers. They do offer higher speeds nowadays. It's interesting how even at 10 Megs Insight wouldn't compare their service to the industry leaders. You just have to love marketing people. Honesty has never really been one of their key personality traits. They do however play with the facts well to suite their needs.

Unfortunately most consumers will just look at price. Which is important to most all of us here. Insight has nothing to compete with $14.95 DSL. Most consumers aren't going to care that you have to have phone service from them or that a one year contract is required.

Higher speeds for same price as we pay now. Long overdue but a good move. I'm just not sure most consumers will understand the benefit they are getting at that price point. Which is unfortunate.

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