Insight Digital 2.0 this is a joke right

Yet again we see that Insight Communication’s idea of beta testing and mine just don’t agree. Actually it’s not just me seeing problems. Many others are as well. I just tend to be the loudest out of the bunch. Some people call us whiners. But I personally feel if something I’m paying for isn’t working properly or someone is getting more for their money than me. Then I have more than enough right to speak up. For the past several days our Insight Dual Tuner HD DVR hasn’t exactly been playing nice. It’s shown some of the problems many of us have reported in the past. Except in this case the problems seem to be on steroids. I’d almost tend to bet this most likely do to the large amount of network upgrades taking place right now. We tried a hard reset of the DVR box to resolve things with no luck. Things are so screwed that the box won’t even let you properly watch content that has previously been recorded. Once the gremlin glitch works itself out all is well and works again. To me it seems as if the box has had problems recording the new digital channels. Digital and HD channels have been prone to freezing or going black. Sometimes a swap of the tuner channel will work this out. Last night that trick didn’t even work.

At this point our DVR box and cable service are useless from time to time. The behavior comes and goes. It doesn’t pop up at any certain time of night. Only the freezing and getting stuck while fast forwarding or rewinding problem has been seen by us before. It seems like the unit needs a major memory upgrade. This freezing mimics the behavior of a PC that has to little memory but trying to complete to many task at once. Calling Insight will only add to the aggravation. I have no time to wait for a technician to come to our home only to tell us we have great signal and all is well. Even if we wanted to swap out the box. Insight provides no way to transfer currently recorded shows to the new unit. Which brings up another issue.

Recently a new Insight DVR customer was told that the reason some of the connection ports in the back of the DVR unit aren’t active. Is because Insight chose not to have those hardware features installed. The phone representative stated that it was cheaper for Insight Communications not to have these featured installed within the unit. I find this funny, sad and misleading for several different reasons. It’s sad yet funny do to the fact that as far as I’m aware this is completely misleading information being given to the customer. How do I know this? Simple reading of various forums and websites on the internet. Also a little bit of logic. Motorola the manufacturer of the DVR unit most likely wouldn’t want to produce an Insight specific unit. The manufacturing cost of doing a build to suit unit probably wouldn’t be in their best interest. It’s my understanding that the DVR units are made all the same way. No matter who they are sold to.

The other reason I know this information is most likely false. Is the fact that most Insight technicians have stated these hardware features might be enabled at a later date with a firmware update. For those of you not familiar with firmware. This is the software that actually runs the DVR hardware unit. Firmware controls what the unit can and can’t do. Many times problems are resolved by releasing a newer version of this software. New features can also be enabled in this way as well. Either way this is par for the course when it comes to many of the Insight phone representatives. I’ve honestly questioned many times how well they are trained.

Insight employees and especially their networking people always claim things are thoroughly tested. Yet each time when a new product or speed upgrade is done. We see nothing but problems. Those of us who come across them time and again have asked Insight to let us be part of the testing process. A few people within the company feel we have nothing to offer. To me it seems as if we can’t do any worse than how things are done now. Because it’s obvious to me that time and again an inferior product is let out the door. Monopolies are a good thing for companies. Because when you continue to not provide an ease of use experience. Your customers have nowhere to go.

Over the years it has become apparent to me that Insight doesn’t take customer feedback seriously. To me it amazes me that employees at times seem so proud of their new product releases. I actually have questioned time and again if they actually use these products themselves. No rational person would say these services work smoothly. From what I’m seeing I’m not the only one running into problems. I’m fully aware that the comment will be made of – you don’t know all the details and how much work goes into all this etc etc. I’d say I’m fully aware that networking issues can pop up. Yes I’m aware that any major upgrade is bound to have hiccups. Are you going to credit my account for my aggravation when I can’t use the service I pay for? No they most likely won’t – even if I call and complain. In the end to me this just seems to show that proper testing once again wasn’t done.

Bad enough that everyone is on the 2.0 bandwagon. At this point Insight Digital 2.0 is just a preview of what will occur when the WEB 2.0 crash comes tumbling down.

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Part of this has been an ongoing issue with this unit. As I stated above this isn’t something that hasn’t been reported. A firmware update should have addressed this by now.

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