Canadian National 6789 Monticello Railway Museum

When we pulled into the Monticello Railway Museum the Canadian National Railway FPA4 #6789 was running and ready to go. At first I thought we would ended missing the next run. Which wouldn’t have been good since it was late afternoon and we may not have had an opportunity to ride. Luck was on our side and we were able to catch the next scheduled journey to downtown Monticello, IL.

At the time I don’t recall seeing the guy in his car. I was aware of the car backing out at the beginning of the video. The parking lot is small – so you need to be careful when taking pictures or video. If a driver or yourself aren’t paying attention it would be easy to get hit.

This museum definitely deserves more attention and visitors. Business seemed slow that day. Granted it was in the lower 90’s – so I’d guess locations with pools were more popular. Even though it was very hot – after we got on the train and it was moving – you didn’t notice the heat as much.

A few years ago the Monticello Railway Museum had a very informative display at the Illinois State Fair.

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Monticello Railway Museum Throttle Time

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The Monticello Railway Museum shared a tent with the map below several years ago at the Illinois State Fair.

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Monticello Railway Museum

Families enjoy Monticello Railway Museum, train rides and food at fundraiser

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