I nuked my Motorola DCT6412 III

No I didn’t actually find a nuclear device to blow my Motorola DCT6412┬áIII to tiny particles. Yes I would love at this point to take it out in the driveway and take a metal pipe to it. But I don’t own it and don’t feel like paying for a broken box.

A hard reset hadn’t solved anything. That method is basically unplugging unit for a small amount of time and plugging it back in. Sometimes this refreshes things and makes gremlins go away. In my case that didn’t solve problems being seen.

Many others have reported similar issues with this unit. I added links to yesterdays article that covers some of that. Out of frustration this morning of not being able to delete an HD program that didn’t record properly last night. I took drastic measures to show this piece of Motorola hardware who the real boss is. Unfortunately this meant losing any recorded programs and presets.

To be honest I’m betting what I just did won’t resolve anything. I’m sure the gremlins will still exist. What I did was a full blown reset of the unit. This sets everything back to factory default. I’ll include code that works for Motorola DCT6412 III below. I take no responsibility if you use it and your unit blows up etc. Use at your own risk.

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Factory Reset (use at your own risk!) Motorola DCT6412

Factory Reset (use at your own risk!)

*WARNING* If you want to just reboot the unit consult the Rebooting the 6412 section above. You can completely purge all data from the hard drive (including any saved recordings) and force the unit to factory reset as follows:

  1. DCT6412 should be turned on
  2. Press Cable, Power off, Select, Select to bring up Diagnostics Page
  3. With diagnostics page showing press Replay, DVR, DVR, DVR, Live (or Replay, LIST, LIST, LIST, Live)
  4. 6412 now should show “Clr” in the LED display.
  5. Press Select to proceed with the reset (and presumably Exit to cancel).
  6. The 6412 should now reset and download a bunch of data from the headend

7 thoughts on “I nuked my Motorola DCT6412 III”

  1. Ronnie Pennington

    I just did the Factory Reset on my box with the instructions you gave above. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! The problem I was having was this: my cable provider decided to upgrade the firmware/software in the units. It erase all our recordings on the DVR. When I tried to record a show, movie, etc. The hard drive would say 88% full with only 1 minute of video shown. When I would erase that 1 minute of video it would go back to 0%, but as soon as I tried to record again it would go back up to 88% instantly. The Cable company did resets remotely and it didn’t work. Doing a factory reset locally worked. Again thank you!!!

  2. My DCT 6412 had been upgraded and now the cable company cannot locate it on their system. It was flashed from their head end and it does not even show the guide at all, just blank screen. You can access the service modes but nothing else will appear. What can I do?

  3. If you still have problems after doing this there is a full factory reset. Do a search for Motorola reset. It should bring up a wiki article on it. The reset will delete everything! It also may take up to 24 hours to get all the software downloaded and installed. But if you are desperate…

    This reset works! It takes time for the unit to re-establish the guide though. But it will prevent alot of headaches and talking to cable reps.

  4. I tried on my 6412 III and I can not even get the diagnostics page.. only a user settings with the menu button. Still at a loss what to do.

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