Monticello Railway Museum Throttle Time

During our first visit to the Monticello Railway Museum we got to see what they call Throttle Time. On our trip into downtown Monticello several riders were in the engine. When we got back to Nelson Crossing we waited for the conductor to come back to let us know we could leave the train. I guess he figured we’d leave as soon as the train stopped. When he got back to us he let us know we needed to depart because it was Throttle Time.

Throttle Time is a pretty cool concept. I’d venture a guess most train museums offer something similar.

“MRM Throttle Time sessions are conducted each spring and fall. For a $120.00 donation to the Museum, you will get to spend 30 minutes observing and learning how to operate one of the Museum’s diesel locomotives, then 30 minutes running the locomotive under the supervision of a Museum engineer.”

I feel really sorry for the Mom who pulled up in the red SUV. She had three kids with her that obviously were hoping to take a ride on the train. Unfortunately I think when they went into Nelson Crossing station they found out there were no more scheduled departures for the day. Surprisingly the oldest child seem to handle it rather well – I figured he’d be the most upset. It was his younger siblings that seemed more aggravated. Both very upset crying making their Mom’s day less than pleasant. Hopefully they live in the area or were staying close so they could come back the next day.

When we went back to the Monticello Railway Museum the next day I didn’t see them.

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Monticello Railway Museum Throttle Time

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