Zone Labs chooses Kaspersky antivirus

That is right your not reading a typo. Two of the biggest names in security software have now joined in a partnership. Did all my trying to sell Zone Labs on Kaspersky over the years finally pay off? I doubt it considering this company has never really taken my feedback seriously. No one from their end may be honest with you. But anyone who would be truthful. Would tell you I’ve been telling this company partnering with Kaspersky was the way to go for years now. It looks as if they have finally done exactly that. The best and easiest to use software firewall and your source for the best antivirus and malware protection have finally teamed up. Currently the ZoneAlarm Suite beta is the only product that includes Kaspersky Antivirus signatures. I would assume after testing that this would be the product all ZoneAlarm users would get. As long as your ZoneAlarm product includes an antivirus component.

The sad thing here is no notice was given to Team Z on this. How does Zone Labs think this key support team can survive without communication from the company? We have had problems with this in the past. This type of announcement should have been something that was in our inbox days before it took place. I’ve received no beta test notice either. Which is highly unusual. Either way I’m not sure how Zone Labs thinks Team Z can remain effective without better communication from the company. The team shouldn’t have to check security forums to get updated information.

Currently I see no publicly available beta product for testing. Although the article that announces this partnership clearly states that a beta is publicly available. It would seem a public build is on it’s way. As far as I’m aware there still is no support for Microsoft Vista. This has been a sore spot with myself and Zone Labs for a few years now. Although the company has continued to claim they will have a Vista compatible build ready by the time that new operating system is released. Not sure how you can have a stable build that has been properly tested out by then. Considering that release date is only about a month a way. Are we going to have yet another rushed build that negatively effects the brand name? Has this company not learned from past mistakes yet?

No matter my negative feelings on how Team Z is not being integrated in this process. And the sad fact that Zone Labs doesn’t have a public or as far as I’m aware private beta build that is Vista ready. This latest announcement is one of the biggest to hit the security industry in some time. Others may not agree. But when the best software firewall manufacturer and the best source for antivirus and malware protection team up. To me that is in fact very big news. Kaspersky was one of the very first antivirus companies to included signatures that detected all forms of malware. Not just a virus. They have set the standard in this regard. Kaspersky has also set the standard in regards to hourly updates of their product. This antivirus company updates their product signatures hourly. This provides you with the best protection available. Your protected against the latest known threats. Now the ZoneAlarm Security Suite will include this same level of protection. A long overdue move if you ask me. Corey and others if they are being honest. Will tell you I voiced my opinion on this years ago. I’d let it be known that I really had wished Kaspersky had been chosen as Zone Labs antivirus solution from day one. Several years later my wish has finally been granted it seems. A good move on Zone Labs part if you ask me.

Many people who keep an eye on some of the more popular security forums. Will know I’ve been one of Kaspersky’s biggest supporters since day one. From the days when this was an obscure antivirus no one had heard of. Not that Kaspersky has shown any real appreciation for this. However I think this latest deal shows exactly why I have felt the way I have over the years. Kaspersky for years has provided the best virus and malware protection money can buy. It would seem for now even Zone Labs finally agrees with me.

Now the interesting thing here is this. Kaspersky and Zone Labs ZoneAlarm are competitors. Kaspersky for a number of years has had their own software firewall product. The company now also has it’s own suite that includes antivirus and a firewall. Normally you wouldn’t see to many competitors actually partnering. Although the past few years we have seen more and more of these type of partnerships take place.

Here is my reply in the thread where I found this information.

Well smack me on the thigh. Sad how no one contacted me or any other Team Z members on this one. Maybe all my years of trying to sell this company on Kaspersky has finally paid off. No that couldn’t be. They ( Zone Labs ) never seem to listen to my suggestions in the past.

This is probably one of the smartest moves this company has ever made in my opinion. If the ZoneAlarm Suite offers the same exact ease of use and protection as the stand alone Kaspersky. This will definitely be a win win situation. Not to mention this now gives Kaspersky even more exposure to the general public.

The great thing for me is. This could potentially save me money each year. Actually my Kaspersky license may have expired by now. Not sure considering that neither them or Zone Labs have had a test build that will work on Vista. Even though Vista is supposedly being released in January 2007.

This was good find news wise. Interesting how I hadn’t seen it mentioned anywhere else. Kaspersky also normally sends out an email when they make big deals like this. That hasn’t hit my inbox yet either.

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