Motorcycle stunt rider Four Seasons Hotel St Louis Arch

On our way home from St Louis last weekend I wanted to get some video recordings of buildings along the riverfront. A few of these I had tried to record when passing them on Amtrak’s Lincoln Service with very mixed results. When I got out to video the St. Louis Southwestern Cottonbelt Railway Freight Depot – I just happened to hear then see this motorcycle stunt rider. I have no way of knowing if this was someone screwing around or a professional. From what I saw some serious stunts were being pulled. It was to hot to take the time to make a longer recording of the action.

Most of the property in this area is private and much of it has long ago been abandoned. I’m not sure if this motorcycle rider had permission to use this lot. Maybe since it’s vacant and overgrown no one really cares how it gets used. In the background you can see the St. Louis Arch and the Four Seasons Hotel located within Lumière Place.

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