Riverfront fire St Louis June 30 2012 viewed from Lumière Hotel room

This video was shot from our room at the Lumière Hotel in St Louis June 30, 2012. Never did see anything on the local news as to what was on fire. While eating dinner at the Stadium Sportsbar and Grill I thought I caught a glimpse of this on the news. Unfortunately restaurant televisions don’t offer DVR – so I couldn’t “rewind” to confirm if I was right. The fire looked to be intense. You normally don’t see that type of smoke unless a serious fire incident is taking place.

What I found interesting is that no one coming into the Lumière Hotel or casino seemed the least bit concerned about a fire occurring so close to their location. I didn’t see even one person look behind them. At no time during recording or after did I hear fire trucks or any other type of emergency sirens. I found this odd considering how serious this looked.

The next day we drove around looking for the source – but didn’t come across anything. Only one thing looked like it could have been the location. But when I did some research online I think that was old fire damage that never got repaired.

I was rather concerned about what was on fire do to having somewhat of an idea what type of industry is in the area. That part of the St. Louis riverfront has a good amount of old abandoned industrial buildings, a homeless encampment, a major rail line that hauls lots of stuff you wouldn’t want burning, metal recycling facilities, someone told me – a chemical plant, there is a coal facility across the river and I think a grain processor – just to name a few. Many of these could easily offer a toxic brew you wouldn’t want to be exposed to. I assumed it wasn’t a train derailment / problem do to the location of the smoke.

For some reason the re-encoding of the video didn’t go 100% perfect. Tried redoing the process a few times without any better result. The original didn’t have the quality issues seen in the version above. Very annoying but I haven’t been able to resolve the problem so I’ll leave it as is. I’ve not come across this when re-encoding other videos from the same digital video camera.

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