How to lace tires onto a truck

SEO’s ( search engine optimizers ) will tell you that all kinds of tricks are needed to succeed. There are a few honest ones that say a good site updated often with decent content should do well. From time to time I find it interesting to see how well I’m ranking on some search terms. Actually I tend to only look at search keywords or phrases I find interesting. It is fun in my opinion to see what people are reading and how they are getting to that content. This morning I ran into an example of that. In my opinion RSS has helped to improve the overall quality of search results. Unfortunately I’m not sure all search engines are taking full advantage of this at the moment.

How to lace tires onto a truck

What is really sad is only one search engine gives what I feel are relevant search results for the search phrase.

What is a tire jockey

Here is another search that comes up at least once a week. To the credit of the other search engines they do a little better with this search phrase.

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How to make an Irish Coffee

Nuclear Wargames

Do you want to play a game Wargames – Global Thermal Nuclear War

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