Should you tip everyone during the holidays

Since moving we have gotten a Christmas card every year from our trash hauler’s driver. Now I fully believe in giving a tip for good service. But everyone needs to remember some people do have budgets. So not everyone is going to be able to give a monetary or otherwise thanks. And actually this seems to show that the holiday has become more economic than spiritual. Not that this truly bothers me. Mail person getting a tip? Not going to happen – they keep giving me wet mail. Newspaper person getting some holiday love – mine deserves it. If I remember they may get it. But I already try to help them year around. As for the garbage hauler – if he gets some. Then I’d feel obligated to leave something for his recycler counterparts etc. Where does the cycle end? Not to mention that just because they leave a card each year. Should I really consider this a solicitation for a tip? Not to mention the fact that garbage haulers and postal carriers make much better money than waiters, waitresses and newspaper carriers. I’m not a Christmas Scrooge. I’m just wondering where this ends. In many cases tips are reserved for those that aren’t exactly making a decent wage. Yes this is somewhat untrue if your dining in an upscale restaurant or checking into a higher end hotel. I can’t say I’m against giving out holiday cards to those that give you good service. Or a gift or a monetary thank you. It’s not like I’m not fully aware of what it is like to work outside in all types of weather. For that matter it’s not like I’m not aware of what it is like to work a low paying job. Heck maybe in some ways I am a Scrooge. Considering I don’t see to many people spreading holiday cheer my way. Why should I be the one to break the trend? Although I must say there was at least one person that has surprised me this holiday season already. Which actually gave me some faith that kindness still exist. So maybe I need to dig into my nonexistent pocketbook and try and find some monetary holiday cheer for those I tend to forget.

Maybe that is part of my thinking. I’ve never honestly had the means to spread holiday cheer. So I don’t think much of it I guess. It’s honestly more peaceful and relaxing for me to just stay home and away from others. Families normally equal to much drama. So the signs are pointing more towards Scrooge. Don’t get me wrong I almost always drop money in The Salvation Army collection. This year making sure it was a little more than pocket change. Honestly maybe it is time to consider shifting some cash to good deeds. Then again my last attempt at bringing fun to the world was pretty much a failure. I guess only time will tell. The trash hauler’s driver and the newspaper person might find a bit of joy after all. Then again maybe not. Either way the postal carrier is screwed. I’m more than aware of what their job entails. But if your giving me wet mail in a new mail box with no leaks. Then you aren’t doing your job very well. So no soup for you. I’ll end this in this manner. If you have the money and feel the people who provide you with services deserve some holiday cash. Then definitely spread some holiday cheer. If these people seem as if they expect it – then I would leave them high and dry. I’ve always tried my best to be grateful for what I have. Some days I’m not as good about this as I should be. I do try to give to others throughout the year when I can. I’ve done my best at times to try and make others happy. While at the same time not doing so well and heading in the other direction. Honestly I’m not sure the small efforts I try to make throughout the year are truly appreciated. All I know is if people seem to expect it. That turns me off to being helpful or giving. Even the holiday cheer I can almost always count on each year is never taken for granted. When it comes it is appreciated in the greatest sense.

If you have the means and feel it is deserved. Then definitely give a little joy this holiday season. Just don’t expect the rest of the world to follow. Because it is what you feel they are supposed to do.

For the record I feel bad we never gave money to any of our previous newspaper carriers. Especially the one we had when we first moved here. They quit do to an injury slipping on the ice. Wouldn’t have been at my home I wouldn’t think. Do to the fact that we are always very good about clearing ice and snow away. Unlike many of my neighbors. The garbage guy is a new one – do to the fact we never paid for that service in the past outright. And yes he does his job well. So he should be up for holiday consideration. In the past I have been very vocal about us ( Cheryl and myself ) not being as gracious as we should be to hotel / motel housekeepers. You want to talk about a group of people who get screwed and are under appreciated. That is one profession that doesn’t see near the tips they should get.

We should at least send a card to the landlord. Heck they freaked me out and had welcome food ready for us when we first moved in. Where do you find that kind of friendliness in this day and age? That is just unheard of when we moved in anywhere else. Little things like that amaze me. This could however be part of the reason for me being a Scrooge. I just think people don’t appreciate things the way they should. They don’t find little things like the above amazing anymore.

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