Illinois Senator Barack Obama is Osama Bin Laden

While no reasonable person would state this or get these two people confused. It seems CNN has been listening to those who have made comments on how these two names sound a bit alike. I've heard several people make such comments in private. This normally is just mentioned jokingly. The other day however CNN made a bit of a blunder with their on screen graphics. I'm sure it wasn't intentional or someones idea of a funny joke to pull before getting fired or moving on to a new job. Crazy things like this just happen. Story graphics I'm sure get mixed up all the time. But with all the Obama buzz CNN's blunder was big news of it's own. I don't watch to many news channels. So I'm not sure if their ( CNN's ) competition made mention of this error or not. You'd think with all the cheap shots you see in the media that this may have occurred.

It seems with some further reading this wasn't actually a blunder. But a parody of sorts that has upset many people. Although maybe it is true. This could be the very reason we have been unable to find Osama Bin Laden. Because he has been right here under our noses the whole time. Using his alter ego Illinois Senator Barack Obama. If you believe that one boys and girls. Maybe you should consider rehab.

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