Gnomedex 2006 Keynote presenter, former Senator John Edwards announces presidential run

It’s now official. Former North Carolina Senator John Edwards has announced he will be running for President in 2008. John Edwards was the 2006 Gnomedex Keynote Speaker in Seattle this summer. At the conference many attendees tried to get the former Senator to declare his run for President of The United States. At the time he claimed to be undecided. So no one got the scoop so to speak. For someone who says he wants do things differently. That would have been a great place to start. Announce your candidacy at a major technology conference. In a room full of some of the most influential online writers. But that didn’t happen. I’m sure some major decisions and discussions had to take place before making such a big commitment.

While speaking at Gnomedex 6.0 in Seattle this summer John Edwards said all the things everyone wanted to hear. But isn’t this what a good politician does? I also don’t think there were to many fans of the current administration in attendance. So it’s not like there was a hostile crowd for him to face. For me there was only one thing that made me think his sincerity might not be one hundred percent. Although I think some family matters and a tight schedule might explain that. When you tell a crowd your interesting in learning from them and hearing what is on their minds. Then you leave directly after you get done with your presentation. This makes some people question your statement. Granted his assistant did stay behind. Having someone report back to you on things. Isn’t the same as you being in the room and hearing the discussion for yourself. Especially considering that each person has different viewpoints and recollections even when recalling the same event. I’d be impressed if John Edwards showed up again this year. Even more impressed if he did so as an attendee not a speaker.

On a related note. For someone who stated “I usually don’t cover politics”. It would seem Robert Scoble has been doing just that here lately. This shows what taking some time off and doing other projects can do for staying informed. Meaning I’ve kind of kept myself out the loop for a bit. Not really doing a ton of daily reading. I think this year at Gnomedex was the first year I actually had a conversation with Robert. It was a short one though. I think those that witnessed it found some humor in the “conversation”.

If I had to place a bet years ago. I’d tend to believe that if you asked a good number of people. I would have been voted least likely to be in the same room as a Presidential Candidate. It is now safe for me to state I’ve proven that wrong. Not any real great life accomplishment in the scheme of things. Although some people might understand why I had to throw that comment in.

Speaking of running for President. Will Illinois Senator Barack Obama try and give Edwards a run for the money?

Illinois Senator Barack Obama is Osama Bin Laden

A comment I made in an email reply a month or so ago.

Honestly I’m not yet sold on the fact that John Edwards “gets it”. Although each of our definitions for this would vary dramatically. That said hearing him speak wasn’t as bad as I figured it would be and it was interesting. This conference has always billed itself as doing things differently. While not always living up to that motto. John Edwards speaking in my opinion was giving us a something different spin. At the very least it was a good catch and an ego boost to the conference.

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