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One of my regrets from Gnomedex 2006 is not having a converstaion with the person you'll find in the video below. He was hanging out in Six-Seven bar at the Edgewater Hotel. One evening he did actually said hello to me. But he was with a woman and I didn't feel like intruding. That and I was with other people out on the patio. I would tend to bet he could have guided me to some of the better known Seattle hotspots. Six-Seven closes at 1 AM. From what I've been told everyone stops serving liquor at this time in Seattle. I found that very hard to believe with that city's past. Not to mention the fact that many bars here in the Midwest are open to till 3AM or later. Depending on the community.

Six Seven – Seattle waterfront seafood restaurant

If you stop in at Six Seven bar. Tell Mark – Iggy from Springfield says hello.

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Here's a video I made introducing one of AdBrite's new products. Rock on! Ask Pud

Go Seattle Card - 32 Seattle Attractions

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