Deconstructing my Asus A8N 32-SLI-Deluxe computer setup

This video shows the recent deconstruction of my aging computer. The motherboard shown is an Asus A8N 32-SLI-Deluxe Socket 939. That board had been in use since January 2006. UPS delivered that motherboard on January 23 of that year to be exact. The 10 minute video above is a combination of smaller videos I shot while taking apart my long running system.

Over the years many components had been replaced with upgrades. But the motherboard, Dual Core AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ CPU and Corsair RAM ( Corsair TWINX 2048MB PC3500 DDR 433MHz LLPRO ( 2 GB ) ran in the machine from 2006 until being retired recently – late June 2012. These parts were still performing strong – but they were getting older and I feared they might decide to breakdown in the near future. So when I had the chance I did an almost complete overhaul of my computer setup.

At the beginning of the video you will see my somewhat drained liquid cooling system ( Thermaltake SR200 Liquid Reservoir ). Before I could take anything apart I had to completely drain the PrimoChill PC ICE Non-Conductive Water Cooling Fluid. With the new reservoir that is a bit more of a chore than with the original setup. It’s much easier to deconstruct an air cooled computer.

As the journey continues you will see my liquid cooled storage hard drive. Below that you will see my now retired ( after 1 year of use ) Corsair V64 Nova 64GB SSD. Then closeups of the motherboard and other components. The video shows I haven’t been keeping to a cleaning schedule. You can see a good amount of dust collection. Over the years I’ve often preached that you should do at least a yearly cleaning of your machine. Since moving to a liquid cooling setup I haven’t been as good about holding to that.

The only parts getting re-used with my new build are my ThermalTake Tsunami Dream case, 2 case fans, the power supply ( Ultra X4 1050-Watt Modular Power Supply ) and of course the liquid cooling system – I’ve had to swap out the old water block do to using a newer processor. In several parts of the video you’ll clearly see the old ThermalTake water block.

With my new computer build I stuck with an Asus motherboard, AMD processor ( CPU ) and Corsair RAM ( memory ) do to these products living up to my expectations the past 6 years. Those components have been my work horse and performed to the task – even though I did my best to push them to their limits.

For those of you who have never explored the inside of a computer or built one yourself. This video gives a good look at the hardware that lets you get your daily task done. Everything shown were top of the line parts when purchased. With the rate which technology progresses that normally doesn’t last for long. As soon you purchase computer parts or a complete system – just awhile later something better will be released.

You will see a slight video issue when there is movement. This is do to the conversion from .MTS to .WEBM. I don’t always see this artifacting – but it has popped up in a few recent conversions.

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These are two video articles showing a couple of the hardware components being used in my new machine.

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