Here are the rules now follow them – Beth’s Cafe Seattle

This is a list of rules for Beth’s Cafe Seattle, Washington. I could see where if we stayed a little longer were we might have been breaking one or two of these. Beth’s Cafe is the home of the world famous 12 egg omelet. I only went for the 6 egg version and couldn’t finish that. Which I hate to waste food but I wasn’t taking the leftovers back to the hotel. I honestly don’t think they would have gotten eaten if I had. Do to the fact that I would have wanted something else other than that to eat later on. You may have seen this greasy spoon on some travel shows. This is how I originally became aware of it. Getting here from the Edgewater Hotel is a pain. Do to the online map instructions and the way the road is designed. Hopefully this year we’ll have an easier time of it. I’m not sure which day this was. Just know we drove the car there for breakfast. The interesting thing ended up being the conversation we had with our waitress. As she told me they didn’t have my size T-shirt and was checking us out. We found out that her boyfriend believe it or not was originally from Springfield, IL. She said they head back this way now and then to see friends. Want to make hotel staff look at you odd? Then just ask them how to get to Beth’s Cafe

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Man vs Food visits Seattle and Beth’s Cafe

The front of the World Famous Beth’s Cafe in Seattle Washington

My adventures in Seattle Washington

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